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The Big Book of Font Combinations 
With so many amazing typefaces out there it is easy to lose hours exploring and pairing fonts to get the perfect design. The Big Book of Font Combinations changes all that.
This amazing resource streamlines your research by putting a working historical record of the most incredibly influential typefaces in graphic design history in your hands. This endlessly inspiring and time saving guide has been compiled by expert font lovers to help professional designers, students and hobbyists dig deep and discover great looking combinations of typefaces and fonts for any design projects.
Use the font combination examples from the BBOFC in your next project, or use them as a jumping off place to think about fonts in a new way. However you use it, this essential guide is bound to become your constant companion on your design journey.
This electronic version of the BBOFC is a 100% vector PDF. Searchable, indexed, and completely clickable and is perfect for an eReader. Filled with 370 packed pages of font combination ideas this essential eBook is normally $25, but this Mighty Deal makes the BBOFC available for only $13 - 48% off the regular price.
Simply put. It’s font-tastic!
Get it here:

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